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Instructions you send to others that you want to refer, make sure you put your username in STEP 2

Simple 3 step process to create your FREE account...

Step 1.
Click on link for US Registration
Click add to Cart
Click on Cart upper right hand corner - Continue to Check Out

Step 2.
It will ask you "Who referred you to youngevity?"
Use this USERNAME as your answer in that box:   (put your username)

Next click submit
(IMPORTANT: That Your Sponsor's Name Appears or they will not get credit)

Step 3. 
Fill out form put credentials and credit card info for free spot

(Note: put in valid card credentials and submit but the system will not actually charge you when creating free account)

Step 3.2
Once you do this you'll have your own account.
(Save your username and ID#)

If you would like to share and enroll people for free
Use this same message and put your USERNAME in this message
Follow the same steps to make sure YOUR USERNAME shows YOUR NAME as enroller before sending this to others!

Product is not available for purchase just yet so don't buy any products on website until this new 8 minute trading product is available.

How to set up MT4 trading chart

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